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The NTP MANUFUTURE-LT was established at the initiative of LINPRA, the Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania.

MANUFUTURE-LT is a voluntary community of more than 30 business and science organisations whose goal is to ensure the competitiveness of the engineering industry in the global economy by mobilizing the resources and efforts necessary to achieve this.


Relevance to the national economy:

In terms of GDP, the engineering industries make up the largest manufacturing sector of Lithuania; its competitiveness and successful development is therefore crucial to the entire Lithuanian economy. The NTP MANUFUTURE-LT was established in an effort to prompt advancements in the Lithuanian engineering industry as well as in other sectors in the manufacturing industry which are interrelated with the engineering industry through the use of machinery, tools, technologies, R&D or human resources. The chief objective of the NTP MANUFUTURE-LT is to promote the creation of high value-added products, the application of modern business models, advanced industrial engineering, and new technology and science in production, and the development of an infrastructure that ensures progressive research.


Priority directions of the NTP MANUFUTURE-LT:

• Initiation of measures to ensure competitiveness within the industry's priority sectors and insight in the development of the Lithuanian industry sectors;

• Formation of priorities for the development of scientific research and technologies, and creation of a corresponding infrastructure;

• Creation and implementation of innovative high value-added products and processes;

• Development of new business models;

• Quality assurance for all levels of professional training according to the needs of the industry, and promotion of the creation of new jobs for skilled specialists;

• Development of social dialogue as a tool to enhance business competitiveness.



The projects that are currently being implemented by LINPRA, the Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania are directly related to the NTP MANUFUTURE-LT’s priority fields of activity.

ATVERK (“OPEN UP”) - BUSINESS TEAM OF THE FUTURE:non-formal training in entrepreneurship of over 400 students who have developed 30 product prototypes and business plans for their realisation. The project has been prepared and implemented in partnership with the DEMOLA platform (Finland).

INTEGRATION OF R&D NETWORKS FOR THE FUTURE MANUFACTURING: promotion of mutual cooperation, integration into international networks, and the technological and managerial modernization of the manufacturing business, as well as development of capacities to create new, high value-added products and development of an innovation-friendly environment in which to achieve this.

STRENGTHENING THE COMPETITIVENESS OF ENGINEERING INDUSTRY COMPANIES BY IMPROVING HUMAN RESOURCES: 800 employees will be trained in over 20 topics which are aimed at effective technical and managerial modernization, allowing for the acceleration of business development and increased competitiveness.

DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGICAL COMPETENCE AMONG EDUCATORS: improvement of technological competence among vocational teachers and college lecturers where the main role is being played by experts from the industry.


European conference for engineering industry and research MANUFUTURE 2013 is one of the annual events of the ETP ManuFuture. In keeping with the conference motto - “ManuFuture View on Horizon 2020: Sustainable Re-Industrialisation of Europe” - the main focus of the event has been to express the views of the ETP ManuFuture community on Horizon 2020 - the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014–2020).

In addition to the conference itself, the project includes technical creativity competitions for students of all levels, as well as events for the promotion of modern innovative engineering technology, such as the Saulė Veža and 3-D Modelling competitions.

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