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Design of new products

SolidWorks Premium – the software that is used for designing new products – allows strength calculations and construction works of various levels of complexity to be carried out, virtual analysis of construction (by simulating movement of the designed product on a computer screen) to be performed, and detailed working drawings to be executed. A team of competent designers is formed based on the complexity of the project being carried out and the scope of works. Organizing design works in this way permits projects of extensive complexity and scope to be drafted and carried out with companies in the fields of new product development and technological equipment, instrument, and mechatronic system design. The company that commissions the project is able to reduce the amount of time spent on organizational work and increase productivity without setting up large in-house design offices. Young specialists who are employed at the company are included in the work group.

Mechanical and mechatronic system development: various mechanical products and systems made from metal, plastic and other materials; mechatronic systems for various purposes; technological equipment, polygraphic, metal processing, packaging equipment.

Electrical system development: interior and exterior electrical networks; low voltage, electronic communications, telecommunications, security and fire alarms; process management and automation.

Design works:  

  • Technical design task preparation and coordination;
  • Technical and strength calculations for the product being developed using SolidWorks Premium software to apply the finite element method;
  • 3D modelling of the product being developed with SolidWorks 3D CAD software;
  • Execution of detailed working drawings for the product being developed with SolidWorks Premium software;
  • Virtual analysis of the product being developed with SolidWorks Premium simulation software;
  • Organization and design supervision of production of a test sample of the product being developed;
  • Execution of design for the product being developed.

Design of individual parts and assembly units with SolidWorks Premium software.

3D modelling of individual parts and assembly units with SolidWorks Premium CAD software.

A designer’s work.        

Organization of groups of designers for large-scale projects and coordination of their joint activities (planned with SolidWorks Premium software).

Preparation of young specialists (designers) in carrying out joint projects.


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